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Dog breed:Australian Shepherd dog: everything related to the Australian Shepherd dog, its personality, how to raise it

Australian Shepherd dog: everything related to the Australian Shepherd dog, its personality, how to raise it
Australian Shepherd dog

An Australian shepherd dog is a medium-sized sports dog. A very graceful, intelligent, loyal and hardworking breed. Although he is known as a herding dog, now the Australian shepherd dog has a knack for all kinds of sporting activities. However, this breed is also an excellent companion for high energy owners.

Australian Shepherd Dog Breed

Group: Grazing

Country of origin: Australia

Weight: 17 to 25 kg

Length: 45 to 57.5 centimeters

Colors: Blue or merle red, black or red;

Fur: It is characterized by its double-straight fur and sometimes it is also wavy, usually its fur has unique patterns and can be quite different, and the fur comes in a thick weather-resistant layer that keeps it warm and dry in winter.

      Life expectancy: 13 to 15 years             

Characteristics of the Australian Shepherd dog

The level of affection is          high
The level of friendship is       high
Affection for children is        high
Affection to pets is                 high
The need for exercise is         high
The fun is                                high
The energy level is                 high
His ability to train is              high
IQ level is                                high
The tendency to bark is         high
Hair loss is                              moderate

Australian Shepherd dog: everything related to the Australian Shepherd dog, its personality, how to raise it
Australian Shepherd dog

History of australian shepherd dog

The Australian shepherd dog, despite its name, has already been developed in the United States. Basques came from the Pyrenees in northeastern Spain/southwestern France to the American West to graze sheep and bring their dogs with them. The name "Australian Shepherd" may reflect those who came to the United States, after working for the first time in Australia, but this is not clear. It is not registered in Australia as a mother breed.


American ranchers raised and raised dogs as ranchers and farm workers. The Australian shepherd dog was doing well at high altitudes and high plains, where livestock farmers grazed their livestock. Since Western movies, TV series and rodeo were common after World War II, the breed became known.

Australian enthusiasts and educators have worked hard to preserve the original breed. The Australian shepherd dog was first identified by the American Dog Club in 1991. Young Australian shepherds were raised and the breed was accepted in 2012 as miniature American shepherds.

Australian Shepherd Dog Care

The Australian shepherd dog features a thick layer of medium to long fur. Routine care is critical to maintaining the health and comfort of an Australian dog during hair loss throughout the year. Hair should be brushed once or twice a week to avoid hair tangles and uncomfortable objects in the hair, more frequently during the hair loss season.

Australian shepherd dog fur is weather resistant and your dog won't need to bathe too much. Be sure to trim your nails regularly to keep your feet healthy and comfortable.

Activity requirements for Australian shepherd dog

It is absolutely essential that an Australian shepherd dog get frequent exercises, more than most dogs. Because it needs a lot of physical activity as it is a working breed, where high-energy dog breeds can become bored, frustrated and hyperactive if not active enough.

Exercise will help maintain the mental and physical health of an Australian shepherd dog. Be sure to walk with the Australian dog using the chain because your dog may hunt and try to graze small animals, bikes and pedestrians, giving them a chance to encourage them to walk in the right direction.  They also need a secure fence when they are in the yard instead of the electronic fence because their desire to hunt and care for livestock will not be easily overcome.


Australian Shepherd Dog Training

Due to his high intelligence as one of the 10 smartest dog breeds in the world, the Australian shepherd dog accepts training perfectly and learns very quickly. All you have to do is give him the right training he needs. As an Australian shepherd dog with proper training, be very obedient. Remember that the item is heavily focused on the work.

The Aussie also excels in dog sport and other activities such as flying dish, grazing, agility, and obedience competition. Most Australian shepherd dogs are happier with a job, and dog sport is just one way to provide this job

Australian Shepherd dog: everything related to the Australian Shepherd dog, its personality, how to raise it
Australian Shepherd dog


Australian Shepherd Dog Figure

Most Australian herding dogs excel in grazing and farm/public farm work. However, they are also skilled in other functions, including assistance/service, search and rescue, and pet therapy.

The Australian shepherd breed dog has a temperament and personality that has two distinct aspects, the first aspect is that it is a friendly family dog, the other side is that it is a attentive working dog, sometimes defensive, and the personality traits of an Australian shepherd dog vary from dog to dog, and some can be friendly,

While others see her shy, and regardless of the individual dog's personality, there are some things fixed like they are very smart and loyal, and they thrive with human beings, and the Australian shepherd dog is at its best when engaged in interacting with someone, so he is a perfect companion for an active family.

Australian shepherd dog with family 

In general, the Australian shepherd dog is a very intelligent and loyal companion and is affectionate and heavily connected to its owner. It is generated in high alert and harmonious with the sights and sounds around it. It will protect their property by warning people approaching the yard.


But they like to be around humans rather than isolation in the yard and prefer to stick like glue with its owner. Proper socialization is important because they may be conservative with new people and you don't want this shyness or confusion to develop.

An Australian shepherd dog is a great companion to the right family. This category tends to adapt well to all types of active families as long as they provide the right training and training for it.

The Australian shepherd dog tends to gather children and try to control them, which is scary for children, especially visiting playmates. This Australian shepherd dog will also try to graze the cats.

The Australian shepherd dog is characterized by adapting to both hot and cold weather well. But they don't adapt well to living in an apartment because they really need space to practice all day long.

Health problems for Australian shepherd dog

It is a matter of concern that dogs that inherit the merla gene from both parents can be born deaf or blind. These dogs will mostly be white and are often disposed of shortly after birth. Despite the challenge it raises, this characteristic does not carry any other health problems. They can have a full and healthy life with rights holders

Responsible breeders seek to maintain the highest standards of breeds set by dog clubs such as the American Dog House. Dogs raised by these standards are less likely to inherit health problems. However, some genetic health problems can occur in the Australian shepherd dog breed. Here are some conditions to consider:



Thigh joint deformities

Autoimmune diseases