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British Shorthair cat :Its advantages, disadvantages, shape, upbringing, and everything about the British Shorthair cat

British Shorthair cat
British Shorthair cat 

Once you take one look at the short-haired Britis
h cat, you'll recognize it, its beautiful shape and circular features. This cat is one of the oldest breeds of English cats, and this quiet cat has gained a place in homes and hearts in Britain and abroad because of its simple and attractive style

The origin of a short-haired British cat

Although there are written records of a short-haired British dating back to the beginning of the century, the strain has existed for hundreds of years. Perhaps the first short-haired cats were brought to Britain by the invasion of Roman forces, and are displayed in inscriptions and paintings over the centuries. It was exported in large numbers to the New World where it was very popular. A variety of colors and hairstyles that exist today have emerged from the selective reproduction of the best cats on the streets during the 19th century and the continuation of meticulous breeding plans to this day.

Description of a short-haired British cat


       Weight: 3 to 7.5 kg; males are usually larger than females

        Length: 55 to 62.5 centimeters 

       Hair: Short and thick 

         Fur color: The colors include plain types of black, black, red, cream, and blue (the   most common) as well as bicolor, striped, smoky, and shaded shapes                         

      Eye color: copper, green, gold, blue, odd-eyed 

Life expectancy: 12 to 16 years British Shorthair cat

 Characteristics of the British Cat

British Shorthair cat

        Level of affection:                                                     Low

        Friendship:                                                                Medium

     Affection to children:                                                medium

     Pet Fit:                                                                        Medium

      Need to exercise:                                                        Low

  Clown level:                                                                Low

    Power level:                                                                Low

      IQ Level:                                                                    Average

        The tendency to mine or pronounce in a voice:     low



British short-haired cat figure

The short-haired British cat is a soft hunk. This cat is also known as the "gentle giant" in the world of cats. They are loving and friendly. It's good with children and other animals. They do not constantly need human attention and are quieter than other cat breeds. They also do not enjoy the exotic nature that causes a lot of trouble from other breeds.


If they are allowed out in the garden they are unlikely to walk around. This cat is lazy, it does not have high acrobatic abilities like other cat breeds, and is happier when living in the house where he can endure long periods of isolation

·         The British short-haired cat is quiet by nature uses the minnow only when he needs something from you, and shows his love for the whole family and not just for one person, where he is considered the perfect animal for any family, and be happier and enjoy with children unlike many cats, where the British cat is very friendly and adapts to any changes 

that occur around him.

        Energy level:                          Average

       Noise level:                             Low

      How compatible with cats:   High

Compatibility range of other animals:   average                    


British Shorthair cat
British Shorthair cat


Common health problems

A short-haired British cat is a healthy breed that is not known to have many genetic problems. However, they can be at risk of hemophilia B, a hereditary bleeding disorder. A simple DNA test allows breeders to examine their cats and see if they are carriers of the disease.


Be careful not to let the British cat suffer from obesity. Although these cats are strong and sturdy, they do not have to become fat. It may be necessary to encourage them to play interactive games and practical playtimes.

      Nutrition and hygiene for British cat

·         Diet: British short hair is a big cat and will require about 70 calories per kilogram of body weight per day of nutrients. However, many short-haired British cats are prone to fat, especially cats that are given, and it may be necessary to impose some restrictions on their diet.


       Care Tips One of the reasons why the short-haired British cat enjoyed so popular in the last century was that he did not need care. This is because the coat is short and dense and can be easily cleaned and taken care of itself.




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