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Dog breed:Great information about French Bulldogs with pictures

Great information about French Bulldogs with pictures
French Bulldog

Dog breed: Great information about French Bulldogs with pictures

French bulldogs are cute and attractive dogs, and French bulldogs are distinguished by their prominent ears and protruding eyes, and this breed of dogs fights bloody bulls as a form of entertainment for the English in the nineteenth century, and French bulldogs are also distinguished by their snout (front mouth) curly and body Disproportionately full of fat, French bulldogs have a height of about 30 cm at the shoulders, and weigh up to 14 kg, and live from (10-12) years
Modern French Bulldogs originated directly from the Molossian tribe dogs who live in Ypres (northwest Greece), and the Bulldogs spread throughout the world thanks to the Phoenician merchants, and through British Molossian dogs the huge English mastiffs originated with one of the subgroups of mastiffs, which are dogs German bulldogs or bulldogs, which were used in blood sports, and in England, this sport was banned in 1835, and as a result, the dogs were unemployed, however, they were still breeding but worked in a new job which was accompanying people, to reduce Bulldogs were crossbred with Terriers, which are both hounds and pugs, and as a result, since the 1850s, bulldogs have become small in size and become more popular in England

Meanwhile, due to the Industrial Revolution, workers from Nottingham began to move to Normandy in France, where they took small bulldogs with them, and the French fell in love with this breed and began importing bulldogs from England, and in 1860 there were few specimens in Great Britain. Of the French Bulldogs, the rest were exported to France

Then this breed of French Bulldogs began to be a separate breed over time, and small French Bulldogs became pets that are especially popular among rich women in Paris, and among fashion designers, artists, and writers

Characteristics of French Bulldogs

Great information about French Bulldogs with pictures
French Bulldog

Physical characteristics of French Bulldogs

French bulldogs have a strong muscular body, short soft fur stuck to the body, dogs have many different styles, French bulldogs have smooth skin on the head and shoulders with many wrinkles, and the head of this breed of dog is large in size and square in shape, and the upper part of the head Oblate, French bulldogs have a wide, curly and flat snout, with well-developed cheek muscles, and dogs also have a short nose, and two wide nostrils with a clear line between them

The eyes of French Bulldogs are completely far from each other and are located below the skull and far from the ears, and the ear is similar to the ear of bats as it is wide at the base and round at the ends, and is located at the top of the head and not close to each other, and the ears are open to the front

French bulldogs have a thick neck and arched, and the limbs of dogs are short, straight, thick, and completely diverging from each other, the hind limbs are muscular and longer than the front limbs, and the tail of French bulldogs is short, straight and facing downward

French Bulldog behavior

The behavior of French bulldogs

French bulldogs are very social and companion dogs and this requires that dogs be constantly in company with their partner or owner, and they do not require any special activity, however, it is better to walk once a day, and French bulldogs are vulnerable to damage caused by passing Air because its body temperature cannot be regulated due to the large body mass and flat nose, and these small dogs weigh large and therefore have difficulties swimming, and when the air is hot and the humidity is high, dogs can suffer from a fever

French Bulldogs are ideal dogs for people who tend to be calm, they rarely bark, and when they do this it is to attract people's attention to them, or because they want something, and dogs are very patient with their owners, especially children, and French Bulldogs are very friendly towards other breeds of Dogs provided that other dogs are well social

French Bulldogs Health

Health of French Bulldogs

When French bulldogs are exposed to air currents, they may have problems with regulating their body temperature, and therefore French bulldogs should be protected from high temperatures, and dogs should be provided with water and also be protected from the sun

French Bulldogs are the Brachisvalik breed, which means that dogs have a flat and wide head, and French Bulldogs have a snub nose which makes it difficult for dogs to breathe, especially in hot weather, and therefore some airlines have banned French Bulldogs from flights due to the many cases that She died while flying, as the temperature during the start of the flight could reach 30 degrees Celsius, which causes great pressure on French bulldogs

French Bulldogs suffer from spinal diseases, which are caused by selective crossbreeding that leads to the abnormal size in this breed, and dislocation of the knee joint is also a common disease among French bulldogs, and eye diseases constitute other health problems, as French Bulldogs are vulnerable Especially for cherry eye disease, or the third inverted eyelid such as English bulldogs and pugs that suffer from this disease, and French bulldogs suffer from cataracts, retinal dysplasia, and corneal ulcers, and the skin under the eyes must be cleaned and dried regularly. Teardrop tears are also common, but mostly in light-colored French Bulldogs

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Great information about French Bulldogs with pictures
French Bulldog

More information about french bulldogs

Fun French Bulldogs 

French bulldogs may weigh from (7.3 - 11) kg, and in the past, there were French bulldogs that weighed less than 5.4 kg, and French bulldogs have several colors, including white, black, black, yellowish-red, and gray, and this breed of dogs exists In the 58th place in the ranking of the most intelligent dogs in the world, however, there are French bulldogs that are more intelligent, such as Princess Jacqueline's dog, who died in 1934, who could understand about 20 words and react to these words in a very correct way

French Bulldogs are born through Caesarean section, and about 80% of the pups of this breed are received in this way, and male French Bulldogs are not able to naturally fertilize females due to  weak  artificiallyhips, and as a result, female French Bulldogs are re-vaccinated artificially