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Dog breed:Small dog breeds. Description, names, types and pictures of small dog breeds


It is said that a small dog is a puppy until old age. Even your best friend doesn't take up much space in the apartment, eats a little, and if necessary, he can use a cat tray.+

Small dog breeds - The concept is extremely broad, including crumbs that fit the palm of your hand, and generates the size of a large cat. Consider individual representatives, their characteristics, and basic rules of care.

Havana Pichon

The dog is small in size with soft, soft hair and very smart eyes. The main character feature is friendliness, which applies to both adults and children. But this item is categorically unsuitable for busy people who spend most of their lives at work.

If Havana Pichon is left alone for a long time, he will be quick to be angry and anxious. At home, these dogs are called "velcro" - this definition speaks for itself.

Bichons fit well with training and are often used as guides for visually impaired people. Soft and long bichon hair requires high-quality care. But often you can't bathe the dog, instead, owners comb dogs daily and often carry them in haircuts.

Chinese Crowned

Study the names of small dog breeds, pay attention to the Chinese crowned dog. It is certainly impossible to confuse him with any other breed in the world, these miniature dogs have such a specific appearance. Some worship them, others are disgusted, but there is no indifference. The wool only covers the head, legs, and tail of the Chinese crest. the rest of the body completely naked.

But such an unusual appearance has obvious advantages: an interactive Chinese dog does not cause allergic reactions, does not shedding, and hardly has an unpleasant smell. Personal friendly, quick-witted, and playful.

To train a breed representative in any team, it is best to contact dog teachers - the task is not easy and requires a comprehensive approach and special knowledge. Chinese learner learned the difference, but with difficulty.

Two other features for bald dogs are the need for a comprehensive wardrobe and skincare. These dogs do not cause allergies in their owners, but they are themselves susceptible to skin diseases, including allergies. Therefore, you need to wash Chinese crowned only by special means, choose a diet very carefully.

Shih Tzu

Breed arises in the imperial palaces of ancient China. Dogs are small in size, touch the appearance, and explode by nature with the designs of the leader. If a puppy shows up at home from day one, you won't explain to him who the owner is here - be prepared because you're not you, but Shih Tzu is the one who will take the palm.

But if you don't start raising from the beginning, you'll get the most loyal, faithful, sensitive, and loving friends. Shih Tzu will love every member of your family, big and small.

But the most difficult part of keeping the imperial dog is not even wearing clothes, but getting ready. Daily combing, ponytail and pigtails, regular visits to the nanny - all this is waiting for you if you decide to get Shih Tzu. Are you ready for such an item in the family budget?


Perhaps, of all the representatives of small dogs, this one is the smallest. Babies can accompany you everywhere, just use a variety of dog load for small breeds. For short distances, Chihuahua will enjoy a walk, but soon her thin legs will swing and she will have to take the baby in her arms.

But not that simple. These children have a complex personality and a hot mood. Obey without a doubt Chihuahuas will be one owner, and the rest of the family for him is not credible. Typical representatives of a playful, stubborn, and very touching breed.

You will have to make a lot of effort so as not to be ashamed of your pet's behavior. Keep in mind that a small family member can be jealous of their "person" to each "secondary" person. Especially for children.

The chihuahuas perfect the stairs and diaper well, so walking with them is due to the need to breathe in the air and run a little, to flow energy. If the weather is unfavorable for walking, it can be abandoned altogether. When it's cold - use dog clothes so you don't hurt a pet.

Dwarf pinch

If you dream of Adoberman, but square meters are not allowed to carry such a big dog, pinch dwarfs can be a good alternative. He looks like Doberman not only from the outside but also in his character: stray, stubborn and overly independent dogs can become a wonderful guard, friend, and companion. If you're willing to look at the dog not the youngest in the package, but equally, the Dwarves Singer tool will be considered an excellent choice.

The pygmy hook weighs about 4-6 kg and the shoulders are only 30 cm high, dogs need active daily outdoor games and need physical activity.

But this item can be kept even in the apartment - after running to the street, at home they behave very quietly. Another plus for apartment maintenance - dwarf pins almost do not fade.


Gentle restlessness can be your best friend. The representatives of this class do not have sharp mood swings; But dogs require a constant human presence - otherwise, the "man" starts bored and dirty.

In Kayin cases, if you don't leave work, but you don't want to break away from your favorite, the owners get a cavalier-king-Charles-spaniel again. Together, it is easier for dogs to survive without the consequences of the absence of a beloved master.

Representatives of a rare breed are genuinely open. They are sincerely happy to communicate and ready to see a friend at every passing. Dogs like to touch them, so be prepared to stroking, scratching, and constantly hugging with or without. This is excellent quality for families with young children - the "gentleman" is annoyed by the manic hugs of the kids, he is just happy for them.


When you first see this dog, you don't immediately understand who's in front of you: a shaggy monkey or a goblin? Make an unusually funny appearance Affenpinschers favorite for many. But experts do not recommend starting this category in a family where children do not reach adolescence - like other young people, it is difficult for them to collaborate with young children.

The breed requires active daily walking and should be at least two hours a day, and one hour in the morning and evening. You need to comb the boat 2-3 times a week, washing the remaining food of the beard - daily. Groomer services are optional for this item, according to many owners who periodically shrink the coat. Enrolled hardly fades - this is a clear plus of breed.

A small dog food, including for speech, must be balanced. Your veterinarian will help you choose a normal diet, but if you decide to feed your friend with ready-made dry food, be sure to prefer excellent brands.

Yorkshire Terrible

A very formidable monster, surrounded by a very small body. A fearless child with a very beautiful face has long been firmly established in order of the most popular breeds in Russia. Yorkshire dogs are loyal sympathizers who are satisfied with Mr. Mood and adapt to him.

York coat needs high-quality care. If the dog does not participate in exhibitions, it can be trimmed to make life easier for both the owner and the dog. If the representative of the strain is exposed, the hair cannot be cut - it must be attached evenly from both sides of the body. Even if you leave the maximum length, the orcs do not fade, smell, and do not provoke the appearance of sensitivity.

The biggest problem in York is poor health. This affects the condition of the teeth, sore throat, gums. Unfortunately, these dogs have very weak bone tissue. Gastrointestinal dysfunction often occurs. The owner's job is to provide the dog with proper nutrition, vitamins, and regular check-ups with a veterinarian.

Daily care includes brushing your teeth, cleaning gums, combing your hair, and rubbing your eyes with a wet cotton pad. Wash the whole York and clean his ears more than once a week. Be prepared to make shaves and inverted claws every month.

Japanese Chin

In the blood of these bright security pillows and protection. Mal, yes udal - this is exactly about the Japanese chin. A situation where a nice look is deceptive: a dog will not tolerate the knowledge of strangers. But hands are very attached to their families and all their members at the same time.

It is important to start socializing the Japanese chin as soon as possible. If not, the puppy will be careful and shy, and all new knowledge will turn into great pressure on him.

Heine is not tolerated and loud sharp sounds, so it is best not to take such a strain in a family with young children. But for the elderly, the furry will become a faithful companion. In dealing with hin, there is no need for hardness and stubbornness, it can be an excellent choice for novice dog lovers.



The characteristic feature of the strain is the shape of the ears, which resemble the wings of a butterfly. These small dogs are known for their excellent intelligence and ability to perceive training.

Ka and most small dogs, papillae do not like to be alone. If you are forced to leave him alone with you, try providing a variety of games: rubber balls and pits of veins.

The papillae should never be flooded. This class is susceptible to ghee and can lead to major health problems. In adult papillon, it is clear that the ribs are physical, if not, this is an occasion to review the diet.

Papillon games with a child are possible but must be supervised by adults. The dog looks at the child equally, so she can bite to insult. Breeds are important for early socialization because the poorly grown-up papillon can behave strongly.

A little hole game.

The bodyweight of these small inches should not exceed 1.5 kg, while the height of the shoulders is -20 cm, and now children's toys are divided into long and short hair. Both types can be of different colors, often found in red, cream, salvo, black and blue.

Unlike the same mini Chihuahua, it is easy to train game dogs. In every small dog movement - a lot of dignity and grace. They can hardly do without walking and active games, so you can dispense walking only in extreme cases. Dogs are very friendly to the whole family, including young children. But make sure that the baby does not injure the puppy.

Deserves special attention temperatures in small breed dogs. If you are planning to get a game burrow, you should know that a temperature of 38.5 to 38.9 is the norm. These dogs often develop cold slugs, so the slightest increase in body temperature, lethargy, sneezing, or nasal discharge is an opportunity to consult a doctor immediately. Children's toy diseases are spread, so it is impossible to hesitate and hope to "turn themselves".


The soft white snowdog has pied Piper roots, but it's best to have established itself as a pet. Since ancient times, the representatives of the breed have been living in wealthy families and not in kennels, so they learned to go along with other animals, be they other dogs or even cats.

Someone should always be near Bologna. If there is no person, the dog begins to feel sad and bark loudly and ask attention. It can even get sick of longing or cause yourself a nervous breakdown.

If you are ready to share your love and affection with your pet to the fullest, feel free to choose the Bologna dynasty. This is a perfect indoor dog that doesn't require a long walk and regular physical activity.

As with any long hair strain, bullion hair needs proper care. This is particularly true of muzzle - the eyes of the polonaises often flow, and the cover becomes reddish.


Glamorous dogs fell in love with French kings. Over the centuries, this breed endured an absolute inability to live independently - it did not need it, because even in the most difficult times, Maltese were cared for and cherished. At first, the breed was characterized by eccentric behavior, but over time the representatives of the dog world turned to a quieter.

Maltese is not in line with any other pet. Play on the street - please, but once the owner shows at least some interest in someone else's monster - the jealousy turns enormous.

This is another strain whose representatives cannot stand alone. If you plan to leave Maltese alone with you for more than two hours, get ready for your baby.

The dog deals in his way with stress and nibbles everything he can reach: shoes, planks, wires, and everything else. Therefore, Maltese is hardly suitable for pets.

Al-Qalati Game

This little dog may be a little shy for strangers, but for her family, she will become a loyal and loyal friend. Despite its modest size, you need to engage in a kali game, especially as it fits the training perfectly. Otherwise, pets can be dangerous, especially for children.

Get ready for the dog to bark often and loudly. This is a feature of the strain and nothing can be done about it. Barking may be completely unjustified - a toy dog doesn't care much.

The breed has very high maintenance requirements: a specially balanced diet, regular grooming by a professional nanny, and special clothing and shoes for the cold season.

Dogs are very painful and can occur in different diseases regardless of care. But for people who weren't afraid of difficulties, put up a toy dog, and addressed the issue of education efficiently, the puppy could become a real friend.

Little long-haired dog Spitz

A strain appeared on the Coast of the Baltic Sea, in Pomerania - hence the name. The dynasty was born at the end of the nineteenth century, but at that time the exterior of the actors was somewhat different from the modern appearance. Spitz's first weight was about 15 kg, so against the backdrop of modern crumbs weighing 3.5 kg, they looked like real giants.

But then, now these dogs are characterized by a very thick and thin layer so that the cute Spitz dogs look like fur balls on thin legs. Three of the most common colors today: white and blue and different shapes of red from dark to light. Spitz, like other types of small breeds of dogs with long hair, requires careful care.

Not only should wool be combed, but you should also resort to special care products: shampoos, hair conditioners, analgesics, and sprays. Be prepared in the summer, where you'll have to turn to the shaver to get a good haircut, otherwise, the dog will be very hot. But it's best not to communicate with young children of this class - Spitz is like the children themselves: noisy, conceited restless.

Brussels Griffin

When you first see a dog of this species, you involuntarily compare it to a funny little house. The eye-catching mustache and beard, funny muzzle, and unusually smart eyes are what distinguishes griffins from other dogs of miniature breeds.

Sobchak is characterized not only by its non-standard appearance but by its puzzling good character. Everywhere Mr. The rest of the family learns with time and treats them first with caution and sincerity.

Griffin's puppy in Brussels likes to be in the spotlight, but it's worth caution: the dog relaxes quickly and turns into a moody pet that won't lag behind the owner until he gets what he wants.

The representatives of the dynasty are very confident in themselves, but at the same time rely heavily on the attention of the owner. Griffins can hardly bear the feeling of loneliness, he needs to hike outdoors.

German Rabbit

German dwarf dogs also called a rabbit, contain three types of wool: soft hair, long hair, and wire hair. All are united by a healthy, stress-resistant nervous system. The dog is not aggressive at all, but at the same time bold and cautious.

The representatives of the breed do not tolerate insolence and pressure, and the competent dogs take this into account when developing an individual training plan. Another eye-catching feature of the German rabbit dog is the highly sophisticated sense of ownership.

Moreover, this is manifested not only for the beloved host but also for playing, pavement. The owner of the German dog rabbit must develop qualities such as affection, attention, patience, and consistency.

The dog will defend his right to make independent decisions, which may seem from the outside as if they are unwilling to undergo training. After receiving permission from the owner, german dogs happily enter the game with other dogs and get to know their owners.

West Highland White Terrier

If you look at the small strains of dogs in the picture, then this handsome blond will surely attract your attention. West Highland White Terrier looks like soft toys, they want to be pressed and settled indefinitely. Few people know that a real hunter is hiding behind a lavish appearance.

The West Highland White Terrier is covered with white wool, which the large dark eyes look particularly expressive. But before you buy an angelic look, study the habits of these dogs.

Education and rigor in communicating with the puppy are to ensure that you will grow a suitable adult dog, a loyal friend, and even a protector. Otherwise, there is a risk of getting a very stubborn pet who does not understand the taboos and does not hear it "no".