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Training a dog : How to train your dog to focus with you?


Training a dog : How to train your dog to focus with you?

Getting your dog's attention fully is an important part of dog training. Where the command "looks at" or "pay attention to me" is used by training your dog to focus with you to make your dog focus with you. This training is very important, especially in times when you need to attract your dog's attention and make him focus on you, such as obedience training. You can also use it when working to modify behavior problems or when diverting your dog's attention away from things that may cause fearful or aggressive behaviors.

Training your dog to focus on you is especially beneficial for those who work as a team with their dogs. For example, people involved in search and rescue work can use the command to get a dog's attention to give them instructions about what to do next. Regardless of what you want from your dog, the command "watch me or see" is a very simple matter, by knowing ways to train your dog to focus with you with ease.

getting ready

To teach your dog to "look at", you will need some good treats to get your dog's attention. If you follow the "clicker training" dog-packing system, you will also need to gently tap your dog's head. Teaching the "look at" or "watch me" command is a great way to introduce your dog to "look at" or "watch me" if you haven't already done so before.

It is best to start training your dog to focus on you in a quiet place so that the dog is in a state of focus, and there is nothing to distract the dog from you. Or choose a room in the house so that you will not be disturbed by family members. You may also need to do this at a time when the house is generally quiet, because noises such as the sound of feet and doors may distract your dog from you.

Use the dog's name and command together

After you are ready and ready to train your dog to focus on you, state your dog's name, followed by the command "see" or "watch me." Whereas, for many dogs, hearing their name will suffice to attract their attention. Provided that if the dog looks at your face after giving the command to him, you can praise him or pet him, then reward him.

Move the reward 

Some dogs may not respond immediately when hearing their name accompanied by the command "watch me" or "look at". In this case, after giving the command, face, move the reward in front of the dog's face left and right, then drag the reward onto your face. The dog will follow the reward to get it and end up looking in your face. In this case, praise the dog or click on his head, and give the dog a treat on the spot.

Keep exercising 

After providing a few short training courses for the dog, it will be easy to make your dog focus on you and monitor you constantly, by knowing the proper ways to train your dog to focus with you. Keep exercising and gradually move to work in a more noisy setting to stabilize this behavior. For example, move to the same secluded room where you train him during the busiest and most important times of the day when your family is most active. Once the dog responds well to her command, move to another room to get more movement and noise.

Tips for training your dog to focus with you

  • Train this command in different situations and situations. Train your dog to "look at" in the home environment with no noise or people that may affect the dog's concentration, and then move to more noisy environments, such as the garden or another place where many dogs and other people reside.
  • If you are facing the problem of training your dog to focus with you, you should use tempting rewards for the dog, such as using small pieces of cooked chicken or meat, because dogs love this type of reward
  • When your dog becomes better at focusing on you, teach him to train to focus on you in a more distracting environment. Try training the dog to focus on you around other dogs playing or a favorite of the dog, or have someone show the dog a toy or make another attractive sound.
  • Increase the distance gradually between you and your dog. Ideally, you will be able to make the dog look at you and focus with you through a room or even a yard.