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Dog dreeds: husky dog all you need to know orginal husky dog


Husky Dog

Husky Dogs


Husky dogs are considered Siberian husky dogs of the family of agile and high-endurance dogs, and these dogs are born with a playful and dangerous personality and although they possess high energy and sometimes severe, they can be nice and affectionate if proper care is provided to them, and ranges The size of these dogs is approximately 15.8- 27.2 kg and features a thick double coat with multiple colors including black, gray, white and reddish-brown, and the husky dogs have marked such as black dots on their body and the average age of these dogs from 12-15 years


 Husky is one of the smartest dogs in the world and this dog is characterized by beauty and brilliance has a striking face because it looks like a little wolf, and has very distinctive blue eyes, these dogs are the type of favorite which is commonly used with artists and producers of different films, so today offers you the advantages and disadvantages of husky dogs


Husky Dog


Types of husky dogs

The Huskies were originally a native breed of Arctic indigenous people, and examples of these modern native species were selectively bred and registered by many nowadays dog clubs, Siberian husky dogs and labrador husky dogs. In addition to the Sakhalin Husky, a Japanese for dog associated with Spitz and Akita Eno Japanese dogs, the Huskies in the Mackenzie River are a subspecies that refer to the different dog populations in the subpolar regions of The State of Alaska and Canada, and no The Husky is a pure husky breed but another subtype and is defined only by the nature of its use, known as a highly efficient drag dog, and those interested in husky dogs are keen to know how to distinguish between native husky dogs and other husky dogs



The importance of husky dogs

The average-sized Husky of East Asian origin, a smart, strong, and hurtful dog, is an active dog that can work for miles in stretching and pulling a moderate load quickly over long distances and this is why these dogs were used in Siberia by the Eskimos to pull their skis, and these dogs were used as a home keeper and as a companion of individuals, and over the centuries these dogs have created a strong sense of gentleness and loyalty to the people and their families, in addition to the Siberian siphoned races and this has been used The breed of dogs that have been classified as authentic dogs and has increased the use of these dogs in races because of their double weather-resistant coat consisting of two layers;

Husky Dog

Husky Dogs Features

Husky dogs are strong, vibrant, and athletic dogs, characterized by loyalty, friendliness, and intelligence, and have erect ears, usually have a thick double layer of fur, fur can be gray, black, red copper or white or a combination of these colors, the eyes of husky dogs are characterized by their almond shape, and are moderately spaced and slightly slanted, and their color may be brown, blue, black, green, yellow or heterogeneous, researchers found that a mutation near the gene is known as alx4 on the alx chromosome. Dogs 18 are closely related to the blue eyes of Siberian husky dogs, husky dogs are more susceptible to iris disease, and the types of husky dogs vary in size and weight, ranging in size from large to medium, and husky dogs are distinguished from other dogs with their howl;


These dogs have high talents and are very ideal, slim in size, and have a unique ability to learn easily because they are one of the smartest dogs in the world.
Her aesthetic form also prompts all her lovers to adopt her without any thought.
The husky fur is thick and has medium length hair, so in spring and autumn, we expect hair to fall because at this time it changes its fur.
You can train husky dogs on anything you want, some trainers train it for different dog races and feature them.
These dogs don't howl but they don't stop barking, and although this may bother the neighbors a bit, it does so because it's lonely, so don't leave it alone for a long time.
The mood of Haskey dogs consists of some factors including genetics, training, as well as socialization, all these things help him to grow up and be obedient to you
Husky dogs are very fun and love the family and family and are fun to spend time with.
Husky dogs are excellent at running but beware of making them run in hot weather because it will hurt them.
If she keeps the active life of the Huskies, she will be happy throughout her life, she loves walking and outdoor sports.
Husky dogs have an independent personality and he enjoys making his own decision.

·         It's a very social strain and you deal safely with children, so if you have a child you'll be your best choice, it's not aggressive at all, you can put it with your pets and it won't hurt them.


Husky Dog Defects


Husky dogs require training by an experienced or very confident person because you don't always like to obey orders, you may occasionally breach them outside or inside the home.
You may find her acting inappropriately outside the house, and when he comes home he will ignore your orders so you have to learn to be confident and train them.
When you're bored, it can be devastating, whether it's home or outside.
You need to exercise daily from half an hour to an hour so as not to get restless.

·         You should take care of its cleanliness and check its ears weekly to make sure there is no redness or bad smell inside it may indicate an infection, so you should clean it thoroughly with nice wet cotton.
Check for any sores, rashes, or signs of infection on your body such as redness, inflammation of the skin, or on the feet.


husky dog


How to Distinction husky dogs

The original Siberian and Labrador husky dogs, the most popular and common original husky dogs, Alaskan husky dogs are the common non-native species, and the method of distinguishing the original husky dogs by the gene is one of the most accurate methods, as the characteristics are similar The recipes of the external husky dogs so that it is difficult to differentiate them, but the use of the method of distinguishing the original husky dogs by knowing the characteristics of these virtual dogs is the common and appropriate method, and the method of genetic examination is limited to the competent scientists and researchers and comes to some qualities that can be Using the original husky dog recognition method by knowing its advantages


Original husky dog fur is thicker than most other dog breeds, consisting of a double layer, a dense undercoat with short hair and a long hair layer, effectively protects dogs from harsh winter conditions in the Arctic, and reflects the heat in summer, and can withstand low temperatures ranging from 50 to 60°C.

Fur color

Original husky dogs come in a variety of colors and styles, usually have a face, tail edge, and white limbs, and the most common colors of original husky dogs are black and white, then less common red and white copper, gray and white, and pure white


 The color and shape of the eyes is the easiest way to distinguish the original husky dogs, as the eyes of the husky dogs are often almonds and pale blue or brown or black for Siberian husky dogs, brown and blue only for labrador husky dogs, and there is no original Husky dog with circular, green or yellow eyes, and the original Husky dogs may have two heterogeneous colors, and the color does not affect the efficiency of vision.


The original husky dog noses are long and thin and come in different colors, there is a black nose in grey dogs, brown in black dogs, liver color in copper dogs, and maybe light brown in white dogs, and can appear so-called snow nose or winter nose in Siberian husky dogs, this condition is called hypopigmentation in animals

The tails of the original husky dogs are heavily furry, and often dogs put their tails on their faces and noses for more warmth, especially when they sleep, this situation is often referred to as the Siberian vortex, and the tail is drop-down and low when the dog relaxes and curved up in the form of a sickle when he is excited or interested in something


 Siberian dogs are 61-51 cm high, weigh ing 27-16 kg, labrador dogs 71-50 cm high, 45-27 kg weight[3], and Alaskan dogs 63-58 cm high and 39 cm high. -34 kg, the method of distinguishing the original husky dogs by comparing their size is a common method, as the husky dog is heavy, has a more structured character than the Siberian and Labrador, as it has been hybridized and reared for the advantages of strength and endurance

husky dog

Care and health of husky dogs

 Due to the size of Siberian dogs, it requires daily exercise which can be achieved through long-term operation or jogging, as the Husky requires weekly cleaning of his coat during most days of the year, daily cleaning during heavy output periods, as husky dogs love cold weather and enjoy pulling items, yet it can live in cold or moderate climates and therefore it is better to allow him to spend equal time at home and abroad, in addition to the fact that the Siberian dog can suffer from the age of 11-13 years of health problems. Simple such as progressive mesh atrophy, hypothyroidism, cataracts, and corneal atrophy, so a veterinarian should be called to perform the necessary tests for the dog from time to time


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